Melek Abay

Egoscue™ University Posture Specialist

Ever since I was a young child, I was riddled with chronic pain. I remember begging my family for a massage. As a shy child, I would always look down, causing my shoulders to become rounded and hunched, which affected my posture. It wasn't an easy childhood, maybe you can relate? But as I grew up, I started to gain confidence, become more open, and my self-esteem rose.

However, through this process I discovered that my chronic neck and shoulder pain weren’t solely related to my posture, but also to my emotional state. I’d had a tough time growing up and things weren’t always easy for me. But when I met Egoscue and learned The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, it was like a fog had lifted. This method offered long term solutions that I didn’t know existed. Previously, I never knew how to treat my pain, other than getting massages - just a temporary relief, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this.

Later in life I started to train and it really did wonders for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I was dedicated, hardworking and had the best online fitness competition trainer, but it didn't stop me getting injured, even though I was a personal trainer too. I injured my shoulder while getting ready for a fitness modeling competition and I was devastated that I had to stop training for a while, but it was necessary - to let my body heal itself. It was after this that I met Egoscue and very quickly, I understood that I didn’t have a balanced body. My left side was weaker and in the gym, I was trying to lift 14kg dumbbells on both sides, while the right side was easy, the left wasn't having it. The result was my body compensating along the way.

One day, it came to me that I’d found my purpose in life. I was looking around in the gym, and have realized how people overexert themselves by training with their poor postures, both by themselves and with personal trainers. It was the same in the fitness classes. There were 20-25 people participating in a fitness class, but nearly all of them had poor postures as well as incorrect technique, which was doing them more damage than good. That was my big light bulb moment! I started to take my pictures of my clients from 4 different angles, so we could assess and work on more than just the physical weight loss, but also longevity and consistency (and preventing injury!). I believe my pilates training helped me understand more about it. I started to research posture types kyphosis, lordosis, sway back...... read read read, learn learn learn.... but it wasn't enough! One day, I had a friend take my picture and realized I have lordosis. I tried many different techniques from Alexander Technique to Gokdale Method. I said to myself I need to get qualified and through research I found Egoscue. I tried a few of their exercises, read the book, and truly loved it - it just seemed to make sense. In just 2 weeks I rid myself of lordosis. Promptly, I signed up for the course and since then treated my chronic shoulder and neck pain as well as got my balance back, which means I can train functionally without worrying getting injured and give back my knowledge to my clients.

Another poignant thing I discovered while I was studying I was sitting so much and this was putting me strange type of sitting positions and for the first time I experienced what my businessmen /women clients were going through with sitting all day long. Training in the gym, doing my posture therapy exercises wasn't enough. I had to build good postural habits, so I could maintain my posture and teach others. I learned how to sit properly, build good postural habits and got rid of bad movement patterns like walking while looking down at my phone with my heavy head pulling on my neck and back.

I believe these things are very important for a decent living. I want to live well, move well, age gracefully without pain and limitation and it is my mission to help my clients do the same.

As an Egoscue™ university qualified postural alignment therapist, I’ve helped a multitude of my clients overcome knee, back, shoulder, neck, sciatica pain, corrected postural deviations like kyphosis, lordosis ,scoliosis and helped them build great habits to prevent the pain from returning. I also gave them a tool to use whenever they have a onset of aches or pains, so they can fully rely on themselves, rather than me or others.

Thanks to Egoscue I have a fully functional, and pain free body, and know how to keep it that way. My mission in life is to help those who’ve tried everything but can't seem to find the answer they’re looking for. I have the answer, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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  • Egoscue™ University certified ‘Posture Alignment Specialist’
  • FutureFIT ‘Advanced Personal Trainer’
  • FutureFIT ‘Advanced Pilates Teacher’
  • FutureFIT ‘GP Referral’
  • METAFIT™ Instructor
  • OUTBOX™ Boxing Instructor
  • 321 Fitness™ Instructor
  • Kocaeli University ‘ Business Studies’