What is Postural Alignment Therapy ?
Founded by Pete Egoscue in the 1970’s, Posture Alignment works on the basis that both acute and chronic pain, stem from misalignment in your body. When your core foundation is not strong and not working as it should other areas in your body suffer as a consequence, causing pain and injury. This method restores your body back to its natural state so that it can fully function and you can get your life back.
How Does Postural Alignment Therapy Work?
By using gentle corrective exercises, the eight major load joints in your body are coaxed back into their natural anatomical position. This restores your alignment, which allows your body to regenerate and heal itself while in perfect balance. When looking at the body as a whole, it focuses on areas of dysfunction rather than treating just the pain points, which creates effective and lasting results.
How Long Does It Take To See & Feel The Results?
The effects can be immediate with clients feeling positive changes during their first appointment. Reports of less pain, easier mobility, surer balance, increased stability and even breathing easier and feeling much happier are the most common things clients say. These effects increase as the body continues to ease itself back into its natural alignment after therapy, and throughout your programme, follow-ups and daily practices.
Why Does It Take Multiple Sessions and How Many Sessions Will I Need?
The pain you have stems from your misalignment, which didn’t happen overnight. Therefore, your body needs time to adjust and reset itself after therapy and during the programme. On average, a client will need around 16 therapy sessions over a 6 month period to be completely pain free and fully active, but great improvements are felt after each session and clients who have their treatments every 1-3 months report the fastest and most effective results.
How do I know This Will Help Me?
The best way to find out is to schedule your free posture alignment analysis today and you’ll know by the end of the session!
How Much Does it Cost?
How much would you pay for health and happiness is more the question,because Postural Alignment Therapy is an investment in both. The cost will depend on the time you need for your particular pain and problem, but we believe in full transparency and once we have completed your free analysis, we will give you a full quote for your individual programme. Our packages range in accordance with your pain levels and the time it will take to remedy them, which could be from 20 minutes to 2 hours per session. And, you can chose to work one to one with Melek in person or on Skype, or take advantage of our Online Therapy Programme.
I’ve Tried Everything And Nothing Has Worked, Why Would Postural Alignment Therapy Be Any different?
Most other therapies and treatments work on the pain area alone, forgetting that your body is a whole – this is why other treatments are not as effective and why the problem either doesn’t go away, or returns … they have missed something important and that missing piece is most often posture and alignment.
I Thought My Sport/Exercise Activity Was The Cause Of My Pain?
Absolutely not. If you have injured yourself doing sport or exercise, then of course you will feel pain in the affected area, but it’s most likely that you tripped, fell or pulled something because your body was in a state of activity while it was out of alignment – this is a recipe for disaster. It’s like trying to drive a car with a flat tyre. You do not have to give up your favourite hobby or pastime, you just need to correct your posture, get yourself fighting fit and carry on doing your favourite things for the rest of your days.
Is Postural Alignment Therapy Different From Yoga And Pilates?
Yes. Yoga and Pilates are great disciplines and will help you retain your flexibility, but this method of Posture Alignment is a specific set of exercises designed to realign your body to it’s natural state and eliminate pains from imbalance and dysfunction. If you take a yoga or Pilates class, you will notice that everyone in the class is performing the same moves, but with your Mind Body Posture programme, the moves will be tailored to you and your specific problem.
Can I go to the gym or/and train outside while re-aligning my posture ?
It depends on your dysfunctions. Everybody is different. As a Master Personal Trainer, I will give you my honest feedback and direct you with your gym and training routine.
Do I Need To Purchase Expensive Equipment?
Not at all - In fact, there are common household items you can use to help you! There is of course Exercise equipment but there is no obligation for you to buy it – however, if you want to, you can find it here www.crookedhuman.com or www.generalleathercraft.com.
Can I Still See My Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist or Other Health Practitioner While Doing Postural Alignment Therapy?
Of course.Postural Alignment Therapy works in conjunction with many different healing therapies and it will complement those and help speed up your recovery. One thing to remember is, these exercises are designed to give you a lifelong tool so that you can keep your own body in alignment, without needing to visit other therapists and health professionals.
How Do I Get My Doctor To Understand What You Do So They Can Refer Other Patients To You?
Tell them to sign up for a free posture analysis! That way, they will have experienced it for themselves and will then understand the difference it can make to someone in pain. If they would prefer, I will happily arrange a visit to their clinic where I can demonstrate the methods to them and their entire staff.