The majority of people don’t realise that fitness is not only what one does at the gym or the amount of calories he/she sweats away. Fitness and being fit have many other elements, including aerobics, balance, flexibility, strength, and postural design.

With the advent of the Internet, laptops, and large office spaces, our society has entered a sedentary phase, which has never been more sedentary. We sit in slouched positions for many hours, day after day, week after week, year after year…

Hitting the gym and exercising for an hour is certainly beneficial, and we should incorporate it as a lifestyle habit, BUT it’s nowhere near enough to reverse our sedentary behaviour.

If you desire to be more fit during 2018 and make being fit a top priority, then you have to think what you usually do at the gym, and how you could improve your fitness beyond the gym. For instance, by being more active throughout your workdays will immensely help you fulfil your fitness goals.

Were you aware that the difference between people who are obese and those who are not is that the latter stand up for 2 hours more per day than the former?

This is it. This is the difference!

Standing up helps you a lot in losing weight. If you stand for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, this will burn 750 extra calories! If you start standing up more now, by the end of 2018… …you will have burned nearly 30,000 calories or 8 POUNDS of FAT!

This is fitness outside the gym.



1) Put the Focus on Your Posture

Having a poor posture can have an impact not only on your balance but also your energy levels and the body stress. For this reason, it is crucial to maintain an appropriate form while working out, and a proper posture during your workday.

Good form is everything you need!

2) Be Active when Seated

While sitting, try to move as much as you can while being seated. The more activities you perform, the better. This might include, for instance, sitting on an exercise ball or on a Posture Cushion, as well as moving your arms and legs in the chair.

3) Stand up at Work in the Office

Strive to stand up as much and as frequently as you can. This will help you prevent the detrimental health effects that are associated with prolonged sitting, including obesity, back pain, as well as chronic illnesses. If possible, execute your daily tasks while standing, and sit down from time to time to take a break. A perfect balance between sitting and standing is your goal.

4) Avoid Flexion and Focus Yourself on Extension

There is one factor that prevents you from sitting in a good posture for lengthy periods of time: GRAVITY – it pulls you down.

In this regard, try to avoid doing flexion workouts, such as sit-ups or crunches, which curl your body. Instead of that, focus on the extension workouts, especially for your core. They will greatly improve your posture not only inside but also outside the gym.

For the best fitness results, it’s essential to be MORE active during the workday.
And don’t forget to celebrate the small wins along the way!

These tips will make the whole difference in arriving at your goals for the New Year. You can be in those 8% who successfully achieve a better and healthier way of life.


  1. Beautiful post Melek! I immediately got myself straight! hahaha And I am going to think about getting that exercise ball! Thank you!

    • I bet you did Alejandro. 😉 I’ve just figured out I have blog post responses. Sorry for been a little late to replay.

  2. Hi melek, thank you for these tips, very useful. I have a question… I’ve just been speaking to someone about these tips and putting them into action but this person has a lot of pain in their feet when they stand or walk for too long. Shorter periods of standing might be possible but is there anything else you can recommend?

    • Hi Shari, I don’t recommend standing or sitting too long. Best thing to do is corporate sitting and standing all day long. Preferably change the positions every 20 minute. Sorry for late replay. I’m getting better with technology very slowly ☺️

  3. This isn a workable routine and I tried it for past two days. Cosnsciously standing up. Read and watch tv standing up ..makes sense

    • When standing up most important thing is balance. You must be able to distribute your body weight between right and left foot.

  4. Sure , what about plank on your elbows, side plank and reverse plank. Start as little as 15 seconds each amd build it up to 1 min each side. All the best.

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