Initial session : What to Expect

Learn how your posture is related to your pain and how MBP can help you. We will discuss your personal goals and my recommendations on how to get there, before designing your personalised programme itself.

Included in your assessment will be:

  • The time to get to know each other so that I can properly assess you.
  • A full analysis of your health history, lifestyle and level of pain.
  • Complete Posture Testing combining your stance, gait and range of functionality.
  • A visual chart of your posture in photographs as a tool for both education and progress tracking.
  • A class in the Postural Alignment Therapy process to assist you in your programme as it progresses.
  • Setting your goals and designing a tailored menu for you of your personalised exercises.

Posture Therapy In Person or online via Skype

Our online programmes offer the same high quality and personalised posture alignment therapy you would receive in-person. These are perfect for you if you are in a lot of pain or prefer to work from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world. The only equipment you will need is computer with a webcam and to have downloaded the Skype software.

  • Initial Therapy session : £110
  • Follow up sessions : £90
I do not want price to be an impediment to you receiving therapy. If cost is truly an issue please speak to me about alternative payment options including barter, sliding scale pricing and other forms of non-traditional exchange.


Join us for a six-week group programme and learn the tools you need to eliminate your own pain through a Mind-Body-Posture approach.

Our classes include:

  • Posture exercises to realign your joints and eliminate pain.
  • Breathing Techniques to improve your overall health and help facilitate fast and long lasting healing.
  • Recognize and remedy problems in your posture and your movement before they cause pain.
  • A sense of community and support through with an intimate group of people who understand exactly what you’re going through.
Total: £300

E-mail Exercise Menu

We have designed this programme as a more affordable option and while it is less personal, it is still effective. It works by you emailing photos of your posture and a summary of your pain location and type. We will then assess the information and photos and design an exercise programme for you to do at home. You can choose between our standard email programme £65 or purchase our ‘8 menu’ which will give you a pack of exercises for £440.

Workshops, Public Speaking or Group Presentations

Our Corporate Wellness Programs can save you a fortune in sick pay and help you keep your staff at work and in optimal health! Innovative and effective therapy designed specifically for your team and they working lifestyle. For more information, drop us a line here: contact us