Ellie Naselli

You will feel fabulous after a weekly workout with Melek. In this fast paced, stressed out world full of technology you need time to focus on the basics and a session with Melek is great tonic to feeling great again.

I started the programme 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I had always tried to keep myself fit and healthy even throughout my pregnancy and having gained nearly 4 stone in weight during my pregnancy, I was very keen to shed the pounds quickly but sensibly. 10 months after meeting Melek I had regained my pre pregnancy figure and actually lost some weight , transformed my posture and was much stronger!

I enjoy my time with Melek as she is very knowledgeable and I can see she loves what she does and invests a lot of her time in trying to improve herself as well as me and how I am feeling. She is totally focused during our session and corrects any errors I’m making even if she has to tell me time and time again! Having Melek motivates me to do well as I want her to see how I have improved. She sends me plans I can follow when she is not there which makes my training solo interesting. She focuses on the basics – breathing, posture before any crazy exercise regime. She is great company and after 4 years of training with her weekly, I couldn’t do without her !