Paul Tomlin

My flexibility, movement and balance are all improved significantly, even though I’m typically not able to spend a large amount of time doing the exercises under the programme. My posture – which I wasn’t even thinking about when I started this – is significantly improved, which is a bonus.

Melek’s level of expertise is way above what I could achieve myself and I’m consequently doing more of the right exercises to deliver a sequence of improvements in the areas mentioned above. Melek understands in real detail the overlaps and differences between flexibility, posture, balance, movement etc and how way to train these aspects together and separately – so it’s a very holistic approach. It also means that I don’t have to spend time – which I don’t have to spare – on researching/learning this stuff myself!

Results are clear from my perspective. Further, Melek is fun to spend time with and the sessions are usually interesting.

Before / After Transformation